Small-MIDI (assembled)

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This is the first GINO-MIDI Interface, it’s called the Small-MIDI. This interface is suitable to midificeren a two manual organ with pedal and 64 stops. It can handle a total of 4 x 64 switches. The PCB is 86 x 59 mm.

The heart (brain) of the interface is the Atmel microcontroller AT89C2051. This circuit can be powered by a very simple  adaptor that delivers between 8 and 12 volts. This circuit consumes approximately 23 mA.

A 20-pin ribbon cable, called the GINO-BUS goes to the decoder-PCB’s or the Decoder_Matrix-PCB’s which are connected on the keyboards, pedal or registry panel. With the GINO-BUS you can build your modular MIDI organ. This small interface is the heart of your MIDI organ.

Additional information

Weight .075 kg

Technical data

Measurements: 86 x 59 mm
Power supply: 8 to 12 volts DC
Power Consumption: 23 mA
Switch range: 4 x 64 switches
Output: 1 x MIDI Out

Delivery: built  and tested


Manual Small-Midi

Connection diagram Small-MIDI