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As already mentioned before, this website is created for the projects I make for myself and to share with others. I also find it every time nice to meet people  who have the same hobby. In my former company “Goes Orgeltechniek” that was also the case.  The circuits are presented on this  website work without problems if you  follow the instructions well.

Many have build the Small-Midi or Big-MIDI. Sometimes  with a  question or help from me, but often without assistance.  I am sure that if  you  start on this project, it will work. Unless you’ve made really a mess of it.

Nevertheless, I still use a disclaimer because I do not want to be liable for any damages that may arise. You decide to build this project.
If you have questions or want to order something, well you can email me via

Kind regards

Nico Goes

Gino Electronics

Frederik Hendriklaan 2a
3708 VC  ZEIST -NL-
The Netherlands

Kamer van Koophandel 58391045
VAT Number NL001303614B85



All the circuits have been tested by me and other users. If you decide to build any of the circuits presented on this website then I wish you a lot of success. I don’t take any responsibility for any damage that is directly or indirectly caused by using and building these circuits. For me this is a hobby and no business.

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