Decoder PCB for FATAR Keyboards


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Decoder PCB for FATAR keyboards.

To connect FATAR keyboards and their diode matrix directly to the GINOMIDI interface a decoder PCB is required. Therefore, a small printed circuit board has been developed which can be mounted with two small screws under the FATAR keyboard . The diode matrix of a FATAR keyboard is divided into a Bascant and a Discant.

Plug and play

With the above mentioned decoder circuit board, the keyboards can be connected directly to the GINO BUS and is easy and quickly to configure your organ. To be clear, the GINO BUS is not included and also depends on the configuration of your organ.

Additional information

Weight .151 kg

Technical data

Measurements: 55 x 58 mm
Power supply is provided by the Small-MIDI or the Big-MIDI
Powersupply: 5 volt DC
Power consumption: 1 mA

Delivery: built and tested


Manual FATAR Decoder PCB