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The Big-MIDI interface is designed, as there is more and more need for a larger midi interface. The Big-MIDI consists of a main board with the microcontroller where the MIDI Out can be connected, the volume controls and power supply. In addition, an expansion is possible through an LCD & Switch PCB on which a variety of parameters can be set. On this Switch & LCD PCB there is an LCD display and three function keys. The Big-MIDI functions without this expansion, but one miss the opportunity to set the various parameters to your liking.

If the full capacity of the Big-MIDI is used, one can connect 8 arrays of 64 = 512 switches on the Big-MIDI. Those are 6 manuals  and/or pedal all 64 keys (61 is normal for a 5 octave keyboard) and 2 stop panels all 64 switches.

In addition, the possibility exists to connect volume regulators (potentiometers) for up to 6 keyboards and / or pedal. Everything is read in a phenomenal rate by the microcontroller. The program of this microcontroller is written in machine language and guarantees a rapid processing of the instructions. The used microcontroller is the Atmel ATMEGA8535.

This microcontroller offers amongst other features also an EEPROM memory, in which we capture and retain various settings even if the microcontroller is switched off.

Using the function keys on the LCD & switch PCB one can set various parameters.

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Weight .5 kg

Technical data

Measurements: 85 x 80 mm
Power supply: 8 tot 12 volt DC
Power consumption: 20 mA
Power consumption: 83 mA (incl LCD & Switch print)
Switch range: 8 x 64 switches
Output: 1 x MIDI-Out

Delivery: built and tested


Manual Big-MIDI

Connection diagram Big-MIDI