Guidance / Workshop

For many, it may be quite challenging to replicate and connect the electronic components presented on this site to the keyboards and pedal of the organ. Electronics is also a specialized field.

Electronics is not the primary focus, but rather an incidental aspect. Ultimately, we want to build a beautiful console without spending too much money. Indeed, many organ builders can design and construct a beautiful console. I have seen numerous examples in various photo reports. After all, building a lovely organ case is quite different from dealing with the necessary electronics. Wood can be seen and felt, but electronics cannot.

Over the past few months, I have assisted several organ builders with the electronic part of their organs. It has been a delightful experience for both me and the organ builders.

If you need guidance in building and assembling the electronic part of your organ, in any form whatsoever, feel free to contact me at We can discuss together what your needs are, and in the form of a (personal) workshop, I can teach you how diode matrices work, how to connect flat cables, and how to solder circuit boards if needed.