Decoder with matrix (assembled)




The combination of a decoder and a matrix on one PCB makes things very simple. The picture on the right shows a decoder circuit and a matrix circuit for 64 keys on one PCB. This PCB can be connected directly to the GINO-BUS.

Key contacts (or the stop switches) are connected by a 16 pole ribbon cable directly on this matrix board. The ribbon cable on the PCB is connected by the well-known IDC connectors.

Far left is a 10 pin IDC male header placed where the eight clock signals of the matrix are connected. On the download page you can download the scheme, print drawings and building instructions.

The size of this PCB are: 3.5 cm x 21 cm.

The print is quite small so easy to place somewhere behind a keyboard.

This PCB can also be used for a tone pedal 32 (shown on the picture) and stops for connecting switches. The maximum number of connection switches is 64.

The prices of the 10 – and 16-pole ribbon cable can be found on the  ORDER page. For a 5 octave keyboard you need  1 meter 10 pole flatcable and 1.5 meters 16 pole flatcable.

This picture shows the decoder_matrix PCB used as a matrix for a small stop panel. The GINO BUS is indicated and the two 16 pin ribbon cables running to separate stop switches. The far right we see the 10 pin ribbon cable to the clock signals of the matrix.

Additional information

Weight .201 kg

Technical data

Measurements: 210 x 35 mm
Power supply is provided by the Small-MIDI or Big-MIDI
Powersupply: 5 volt DC
Power consumption: 1 mA

Delivery: built and tested


Manual Decoder_Matrix PCB

Connection diagram Decoder_MatrixPCB